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  1. Support Tips

    Hi !

    Our support system is updated, there are changing on the features. Press 'Next' to read tutorial (It is advisable). Press 'x' to pretermit.

    Thank you!

  2. User's link

    Go to the account management page.
    Include information:
    1. Expired support theme
    2. Manage ticket
    3. Manage FTP, WP account
    4. Modify person information

  3. Message icon

    Notification when a new event.

  4. Document

    You should read document to reseach about theme before sending any request. This is important to help you understand how to use and the functionality of the theme.

  5. Video

    Incorporate video installation guide theme. Using, manipulating the functions of the theme.

  6. Submit a ticket

    Click here to create one new ticket. You can only create the theme you have purchased your ticket and valid duration of support.

    Go to Manage your product page for more detail (It is advisable)